With our passion for mountaineering and over the years of experience leading the groups to summit of various mountain climbing across Asia, Nepal, India, Russia, Africa, etc. aspiring mountaineers have been overgrown in our community, to turn their dream mountains into reality. SGTREK has become one of the leading outdoor travel platforms in Singapore. We strive to provide the highest quality of service during our adventures and to share the spirit of adventure within our community members. To Learn, To Explore and To Respect the nature while reaching your dream summits is a way of educating our clients during the adventures.

WE are here by introducing SGTREK MOUNTAINEERING ACADEMY. A platform for thrill seekers who want to step into the world of adventures and explore the nature with the basic skills need to venture out on own. Whether it could be just a nature exploration or to climb a dream mountain of your choice. Learn the essential mountaineering skills through SGTREK MOUNTAINEERING ACADEMY.  Our programs are designed for all levels, from beginners’ skill-based adventures to advanced expeditions with our experienced guides who will be sharing their knowledge and skills on these programs.

SGTREK MOUNTAINEERING ACADEMY offers a variety of Adventure Courses and Mountaineering Courses for those looking to experience venturing in the tropical forest or the high mountains for the first time as well as expert climbers wishing to improve their skills or striving towards a particular summit. We also have other programs which include Rock Climbing Course, Abseiling Course, Kayaking & Stand-up Paddling Course, Ski & Snowboarding Course and many more to come along the way.