Asian Trilogy Peak Challenge


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

If you are an adventure lover Asian Trilogy Peak Challenge is just for you.

This challenge brings you to some of the beautiful summits of Asia. These include climbing the highest peak Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, Mount Yushan in Taiwan and Mount Fuji an active volcano in Japan.

Did you know if you complete this Asian Trilogy Peak Challenge you would be climbing a total combined height of 11,823m (38789Ft) which is in fact higher than Mount Everest (8848m).

Mount Kinabalu is the most dramatic feature in Sabah and the tallest peak between the Himalayas & the New Guinea. Towering at 4,095 meters (13,435 feet), Mount Kinabalu exerts a magical quality that is both indescribable and unbelievable. The granite peaks are constantly veiled in wisps of clouds which sometimes resemble a graceful woman peeping coyly from behind the veil. At times during a clear day, the summit reveals a distinct glacier carved pinnacles, rising from the smooth granite dome, exuberating tranquility and peacefulness.

Mount Yushan is not only the highest mountain in Taiwan but also the highest peak in Northeast Asia at an altitude of 3952 meters (12966 ft) and definitely is top one of the must-visit mountains in Taiwan. It’s located within the Yushan National Park just next to the famous Alishan National Scenic Area in the central mountains of Taiwan. Jade Mountain is the most famous, and therefore most popular hike in Taiwan. Everyone with an interest in adventure, hiking, and the outdoors in Taiwan wants to be able to say that they’ve climbed it once.

Mount Fuji (3776 meters), Japan’s highest and most prominent mountain, can make for lifelong memories. The mountain itself may look more attractive from afar than from closely, but the views on clear days and the experience of climbing through the early morning hours among hundreds of equally minded hikers from across the world are very rewarding. A pilgrimage site for centuries, it’s considered one of Japan’s 3 sacred mountains, and summit hikes remain a popular activity.

What is Asian Trilogy Peak Challenge?

In order to complete this challenge one must:

  • Summit Mount Kinabalu (Malaysia) and take a summit photo
  • Summit Mount Yushan (Taiwan) and take a summit photo
  • Summit Mount Fuji (Japan) and take a summit photo

*You will need to summit all the 3 peaks within 3 years from the first Summit date. We will also issue you the digital certificate of climb upon completing this challenge. Do connect with us Email:

So, are you ready for this big challenge?

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