Mongolia winter photography tour to Taiga. Capture and explore the northern Mongolian wilderness on reindeer back and meet the Tsaatan people. Great opportunity to collect uncommon photo shoots. Cooking over open fires and sleeping in tent and teepee. Challenge yourself on this adventure once in a lifetime. While many consider the Mongolian winter to be extremely cold and harsh, Mother Nature has actually provided us with the most unique opportunity to admire her most compelling beauty! What if you could be exploring the very North of Mongolia where, among the vast expanses of Taiga and plentiful natural treasures, the Dukha-Reindeer herders live? Join us and make sure you do not miss this great opportunity to create memorable photographs of the people herding reindeer, living in urts-teepees, migrating and practicing shamanism. People of the Taiga appreciate real friendship and loyalty to the traditions of their ancestors. You will be so close to this unique life and culture you will feel as though you have visited from another planet or been teleported from a different age. This is absolutely another reality, another Mongolia. Once you have visited the Taiga people, you will not return back home the same person, but something in your mentality will change forever.


  • Take portraits of one of the ethnic groups – Tsaatan minority, Reindeers, Teepees, and learn about their culture, and the relationship between reindeer and reindeer herders.
  • Experience an overnight stay in a Teepee, the traditional dwelling of Tsaatans people during the winter time.
  • Ride a reindeer and capture Reindeer caravan in the Taiga, in the remote north of Mongolia, near the Russian Border.
  • Fill your lens with the semi wild reindeers, between the mountains and flock of reindeers.
  • Visit Gandan Monastery in Ulaanbaatar, and enjoy a photo shoot in the eccentric Winter Palace of Bogd Khan.

EVENT DATE : 01-14 Nov 2020


Group size Price/Per person
4 pax 2750$
5-6 pax 2430$
7-12 pax 2230$


DAY 1.

(Nov 01) Arrival in Ulaanbaatar.

City tour with Gandan Monastery and Bogd Khaan Winter Palace Museum.

in the hotel

DAY 2.

(Nov 02) Drive to Erdenet

Breakfast at hotel. This morning we drive to Erdenet city, which is the third largest city in Mongolia. Lunch on the way. After arrive in Erdenet city, do some city tour and dinner at local restaurant.

in the hotel

DAY 3.

(Nov 03) Drive to Murun

This morning have a breakfast at local hotel and continue to our trip to north. Arrive in capital city of Khuvsgul province. If we have time, visit local museum. Have a lunch and dinner.

in the hotel

DAY 4.

(Nov 04) Drive to Tsaatan’s winter camp in Tsagaannuur sum

Early in the morning have a breakfast and head to Tsagaannuur sum. We cross Darkhad valley and head towards to Tsagaan Nuur Lake, where the center of Sum locates. On the way pass through “13 ovoo – mountain pass” and here visitors can leisure in real untouched wildlife. The Darkhad depression is located between the Khoridol Saridag Mountain Range and the Ulaan Taiga Forest. We arrive at east taiga where the Reindeer herder’s winter camp located, after driving 30 km from Tsagaannuur sum. Reindeer herder’s live in East and West Taiga.

in the tent

DAY 5.

(Nov 05) Reindeer riding to Taiga

This morning have a breakfast with local family and reload our luggage on reindeer’s back and will leave our vehicle team, as the landscape becomes difficult to access with cars. Ride to a place, where the Reindeer fence off and protect from the wolves and other wild games. 5 or 6 hours of riding reindeer, arrive in camping place.

in the tent 5 hours

DAY 6.

(Nov 06) Reindeer riding to Kultus Mountain

This morning we feed the reindeers and reload the luggage. Until local staffs are reloading the luggage it is free time to take photos and help them. Ride a reindeer to main spot named Kultus Mountain and we will ride along the Kultus River. This area is remote place and here you can see moose, squirrel and other wild games. Arrive in the mountain and open a fence, which the reindeers are blocked out.

in the tent 3 hours

DAY 7-8.

(Nov 07-08) Photo day

Those days are free day to photographing. Enjoy a breakfast in Taiga,  also known as boreal forest or snow forest, is a biome characterized by coniferous forests consisting mostly of pinesspruces and larches. Here is opportunity to shoot a photos of reindeers, relation between human and reindeer also you can take a portrait of Reindeer Herders. Mongolian reindeer are semi- wild animals, so they are not fed by any additional foods. But during the winter time reindeer needs more salt. So, you can use a salt to take a photos that you expect.

in the tent

DAY 9.

(Nov 09) Riding out to Tsaatan’s camp

This morning we pack our luggage and ride back to Tsaatan’s camp, along the Kultus River.

in the tent 3 hours

DAY 10.

(Nov 10) Arrive in Tsaatan’s camp

Today we ride a south to Reindeer herder’s camp. We will across the Tengis River and it is breathtaking view to capture the landscape from the pass. And also we experience to cross the river over the frozen river.

in the tent 3 hours

DAY 11.

(Nov 11) Free day in Reindeer herder’s camp

Today is free day in Reindeer herder’s camp. Here is great opportunity to communicate with local families. Around 500 Dukha people live a remote nomadic life, migrating from place to place in search of valuable resources to continue their existence. Here in East Taiga not more than 12 reindeer herder families lives and you will stay full day with them. The origin of Tsaatan is Tuva, and they speak Tureg and Mongolian. Overnight in a tent or teepee.

in the tent

DAY 12.

(Nov 12) Drive to Khuvsgul Lake

This morning we drive to south to Khuvsgul Lake, which is named Blue Pearl of Mongolia. Before the lake freeze it become thick and a scape, wave of lake is unusual and breathtaking. Here we will stay overnight at ger camp and here is great chance to feel breeze of one of the world’s freshest pure water lake.

in the camp

DAY 13.

(Nov 13) Arrive in Ulaanbaatar

This morning we drive to more than 800 km to capital city of Mongolia. Lunch on the way. Spend last day in Mongolia. After we arrive in Ulaanbaatar, transfer to hotel accommodation in Ulaanbaatar. And take modern facilities after long time of travelling in remote place. Farewell dinner with team.

in the hotel

DAY 14.

(Nov 14) Departure


Accommodation: Hotel***,* ger camp, Local hostel in Murun and Erdenet, tent camping in Taiga
Guiding and interpreting service
Full board meals
Transport: vehicle 4×4 or minivan
Entrance fees to protected areas and national parks
Museums and cultural performance


Hotel extra charge
International airfare
Personal equipment
Optional activity cost
Excess baggage charges
Single room supplement
Alcoholic drinks
Sleeping bag
Travel Insurance

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