Gunung Datuk(04April2020)

Mount Datuk is one of a favorite place for nature lovers and adventure seekers to capture a sunrise over such a short hike. It holds many treasures of the natural tropical rainforest. As you can see in the picture, there’s a formation of big rocks at the summit.

The trail is not so tough that from Intake/Starting Point, it takes about 2-3 hours for a non-hiker to reach the summit. Regular hiker that is fit enough easily can make it in 1hour 30mins to the summit. Some part of the trail section is steep but it can easily climbed over a slow walk up.

Event Highlights:

• Magnificent view of sunrise at Gunung Datuk
• Great view of the Strait of Malacca
• Jonker Street
• Baba Nyonya Heritage
• Try out some delicious food @ Jonker Street
– Kedai Kopi Chung Wah: Chicken Rice Ball
-Nyonya Chang (Nyonya Rice Dumpling)
-Durian Cottage: Durian Bomb
-Aunty Koh: Gula Melaka Cendol
-Candied Fruit

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Event Cost:
SGTrek Paid Members : SGD80
NON-SGTrek Members : SGD90

  • Group size below 15pax – Transportation is Van
  • Group size above 25pax – Transportation is Coach

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Duration : 1 Day Trip
Meetup Place : Marsiling MRT BUS STOP
Time : 10.30pm (on 03-April-2020)
Beginners hike (need basic fitness to walk 5-6hrs, should have atleast climbed Bukit timah, Some steep terrain )

Detailed Itinerary: 
Gunung Datuk
Mount Datuk located at Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

• Altitude : 870m /2900ft
• Location : Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
• Usually it takes 4 to 5 hours
• Good for Training. You’ll need to have at least some stamina/ hiking experience, else you’ll be crazy tired. ( Moderately Challenging )


Meetup Place: Marsiling MRT BUS STOP (Meet near to MAXICASH shop)
Meetup Time: 10.30pm (on 03-April-2020) (Please plan to be on time as the coach unable to park here for too long)

Detailed Itinerary:
• 10.30pm (on 03-April-2020) sharp meetup at the Marsiling Bus Stop, quick briefing and we will depart once the transport arrives
• We shall not be waiting for any late comers, so do plan your way to be early at the meetup location
• Depart to SG Customs and then to JB Customs
• At JB customs there are shops you could buy snacks for the trail, water etc. (You can also prepare to bring some food from the house for breakfast before to the hike and some trail food)
• Drive to Gunung Datuk
• Along the way we will have a short break at YONGPENG (You can pack some breakfast or food here for the trail, take atleast 1.5l water for the trail)
• 04:00 Arrive around Gunung Datuk (*As the bus won’t be able to pass through the narrow road to the park base, we will stop the bus at the main road. It’s 10-15mins walk to the entrance of the trail. If we take van we will arrive directly at the base of the park)
• Do come well prepared in your hiking gears, there is no changing facility where the bus is parked
• All your unwanted things can leave in the transport and only take things needed for the hike
• Headlamp is compulsory do not bring torch lights as along the hike you may need to grab ropes, roots etc. keeps hand free while hiking
• Leader will do a quick safety briefing and then start to hike
• Once you arrive at the start of the trail there is basic toilet facilities for you to use
• Start to hike below is the rough guide:
• Usually a fit climber can reach the summit in 1.5hours from the base, average a person can take upto 3 hours. Do take note this is a beginners walk so go up slowly
• Mixed trail with a bit of steep climb some parts (Need to grab roots, ropes)
• Arrive at summit and wait for sunrise (There are Ladders to climb before summit) – No taking of pictures at the cliff edges
• 8am start to descend down from summit after Sunrise
• Around 10am arrive to the COACH (*If anyone reaches the base early just take note the bus will only arrive around 10am, so you would need to wait there for other to come down. So walk slowly no need to rush down)
• Once everyone arrives, we will drive to the nearest R&R Place where you could use the shower facility and change your clothes
• From here we will drive to Melaka (Take around 1hours depending on the traffic)
• After arriving at Melaka free and easy (You can enjoy the food, massage, shopping etc)
• Around 4pm-5pm Depart from Melaka back to Singapore
• 11pm arrive in Singapore ETA.

Trip is Inclusive of:
– 2way Transportation from Singapore
– Park Entrance/ Permit fees
– Event Coordinators

Trips is exclusive of:
-All other personal expenses not included
-Visa to Malaysia

Please note the following items to bring on our own :
1. Day Backpack (Make sure light backpack)
2. Gloves
3. Water Proof bags for Rain shelter
4. Long-sleeved T-shirt and long track bottom
5. Warm clothes for night
6. Raincoat or windbreaker
7. 1 pair good shoe for hiking
8. 1 sandal/slipper
9. 1 Headlamp – (Not allowed to hike without headlamp)
10. Personal medication if any

By Joining this trip YOU :

  • Acknowledge all the TERMS & CONDITIONS :
  • YOU have read all the above paragraphs and YOU know, understand, and appreciate these and other risks that are inherent in The Activity. YOU hereby assert that your participation is voluntary and that YOU knowingly assume all such risks.YOU acknowledge the agreement freely and voluntarily, and intend by completing this form and unconditional release of all liability to SGTREK PTE. LTD.

For any queries related to the event do contact below person:
Phone: +65 92700908 (WhatsApp)
Email :

This trip is organised by : 
Reg. No. 201816267K
STB License No. 03160

Address : 28A, Kandahar Street
Singapore 198889
WhatsApp: +6592700908

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