Ice Climbing Workshop China 2025

🏔️❄️ Exciting Adventure Awaits at Mt. Siguniang! ❄️🏔️

Ready for an adrenaline-pumping ice-climbing experience amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Mt. Siguniang? 🧗‍♂️ Join us on the ultimate ice-climbing tour and conquer the frozen peaks of the Four Sisters Mountain!

Ice-climbing trip in winter at Mt. Siguniang in 5 days. Learn basic skills of climbing ice and have fun in deep winter in Sichuan through a 5-day trip in Shuangqiao Valley of Mount Siguniang. Guided tour with lodging and experienced climbing guide.


EVENT DATES: 09 – 14 Jan 2025


SGD2080/Pax (SGTREK MEMBERS SGD50/Pax discount)

  • (Minimum group of 4pax and above)
  • *Signup in group of 4pax and above get $80 discount/Pax (Offer valid till 15 Aug 2024)
  • *Single supplement applicable.

Booking Contact No.:

  • WhatsApp: +6592700908
  • Email:


  • Deposit $500/Pax and confirm your booking.
  • Once we have the minimum Pax reached, we will confirm the event and full payment need to be made (*Deposits are nonrefundable)
  • For any cancellation Terms and Conditions apply accordingly.
  • Flights, we will advise you to book accordingly.


Mt. Siguniang, also known as Four Sisters Mountain, is a popular mountain range located in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China. The area is renowned for its stunning landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, and opportunities for outdoor activities such as trekking and climbing. 


1ChengduRilong(Base of Siguniang)Drive from Chengdu to SiguniangLodge 3100m
2RilongRilongIce Climb in ShuangqiaoLodge 3100m
3RilongRilongIce Climb in ShuangqiaoLodge 3100m
4RilongRilongIce Climb in ShuangqiaoLodge 3100m
5RilongChengduVisit Shuangqiao and drive back to Chengdu

* Course schedule is subjective to weather conditions on the mountains and will be rearranged accordingly during the program.


We will advise the flight details for the entire group and there will be only 1 pickup and drop off arrangements based on the group. Do contact us for more information. (*Planning to arrive a day earlier)

Day01 Chengdu – Mt. Siguniang

Starting from Chengdu by your hotel and drive to Siguniang for around 4 hours. After arrival, acclimate too the altitude. Meet climbing instructor and be briefed on the plan, gear check, and learn some basics of ice climb and the gears. Prepare for the next day’s climbing.

Overnight hotel by 3100m (sharing basis)

Day 02 Ice Climbing

Check in to the park. Learn to use ice-climbing gears including crampons, harness, helmet, etc. Learn basic techniques of ice climbing, try top rope climb. Learn the basic roping technique after the climb. Overnight hotel by 3100m (sharing basis)

Day 03 Ice Climbing

Learn more on the techniques of ice climbing, front pointing. Learn protection and Belying etc. More time doing ice-climbing. Learn risk management and altitude sickness after climb. Overnight hotel by 3100m (sharing basis)

Day 04 Ice Climbing

Try to learn setting up and stowing anchors. Ice-climbing for the rest of the day.

Overnight hotel by 3100m (sharing basis)

Day 05 Shuangqiao Vallley – Chengdu

Visit Shuangqiao in the morning to see the full view of the valley. Afterwards drive back to Chengdu in the afternoon. Siguniang ice-climbing tour ends. The trip will end in Chengdu. For those who wish to extend the trip feel free so.

For the rest who would want to depart next day, we can make hotel arrangements and airport trasnfer via sharing basis. You can discuss with us while booking.

You can extend your trip or depart to home country.

Price Inclusions:

  • English-speaking ice-climbing guide.
  • Transfers between Chengdu and Rilong;
  • Admission fees, permits, environment protection fees.
  • Accommodations 4 nights including breakfasts, double occupancy economy level; One welcoming dinner on day01.
  • Local transfers between the park and hotel, transfers inside the park; Personal ice-climbing gears (boots, cramps, harness, helmet, etc.) Obligated travel
  • Tour arrangement, logistics.

Price Exclusions:

  • International / Domestic Flights
  • Visa to China
  • Lunches and other Meals other than itinerary
  • Food/accommodations/ activities in Chengdu other than itinerary
  • Sights and activities not listed in the itinerary.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Tips to instructor and guide are optional.
  • Travel Insurance
  • Additional Hotel/Transport other than itnerary

Important Tips

  • AMS

First time travelers to this place or even experienced travelers all have the risk of getting AMS due to change of altitude/temperature and air pressure. Acclimatization is necessary and precautions are essential. Precautions include:

  1. Drink more water than you normally need every day.
  2. Always keep your warm clothes handy and wear more layers to avoid getting cold due to elevation/temperature/pressure change.
  3. Eat properly (no alcohol and be careful of local street food) and have enough time to sleep.
  4. Do not stress yourself both physically and mentally/ physical preparation prior to thie trip is helpful e. Prepare medication for AMS, cold and diaries
  • Weather Expectation

Temperature variation is up to 20 Celsius degrees. Weather is quite fine when sun comes out, but in the morning and evening, temperature drops dramatically. Temperature drops below 0 Celsius during midnight in colder seasons. Warm keeping is very important. Wind is heavy on the mountain. Sun proof is necessary for skin protection. Be careful in a rainy day as trail underfoot becomes slippery. “When you are in the mountain, weather changes fast”.

  • Accessibility and Amenities

Traveling to the listed places will expect lower standard services at hotels and restaurants even if they are maybe the best choices. The service level is not as up to what you have in places like Chengdu. The hotel people don’t speak English nor do the people from restaurants. These places are quite far, wild but beautiful. As authenticity comes often with less comfortability. You are recommended to have toilet paper with you. Food is with limited options at most of the places.

  • Important Notice

This is a tour involves walking at high altitude, people with the following conditions are not opted to join this trip to go over 3000 meters.

  1. Cardiac-related conditions, RHR beyond 100/min, hypertension, Cerebrovascular disease, Arrhythmia, etc. b. Chronic respiratory diseases, moderate or above obstructive pulmonary diseases, such as bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis, emphysema, active tuberculosis, pneumoconiosis; c. Uncontrolled diabetes, epilepsy, schizophrenia.
  2. Severe cold, upper respiratory tract infection, body temperature above 38 degrees Celsius or body temperature below 38 degrees Celsius but with obvious systemic and respiratory symptoms.
  3. People who have been diagnosed with high altitude pulmonary edema, high altitude cerebral edema, high altitude hypertension, high altitude heart disease, and high-altitude polycythemia, f. Pregnant Women.
  • Adventure Travel Notice

This is an adventure tour. It involves certain risks of injury and/or death due to multiple reasons. By signing up with us, you appreciate and accept the risks involved in adventure travel and do not suffer from any pre-existing medical condition or disability which may prevent them from actively participating in the tour. We operate under safety guidelines and use professional and experienced outdoor hiking guide. As travelers you have the obligation to tell us if you have any ailments or physical conditions that may put yourself in any danger due to hard walking, high altitude, etc. You are also obligated to be fully aware of your own physical conditions when sign up for this trip. It is vital that participants with pre-existing medical problems or conditions make these know to us at the time of booking. During such trip, advice given by our stuff are critical and important. We will not be responsible due to you acting against our advice before/during the trip.

Please note the following items to bring on our own:


  • Backpack/Daypack


  • Trekking poles


  • underwear
  • T-shirts
  • Quick-drying pants/shorts
  • Long-sleeve shirts (for sun and bugs)
  • Lightweight fleece or jacket
  • Boots or shoes suited to terrain.
  • Socks (synthetic or wool)
  • Extra clothes * (beyond the minimum expectation)

Additional items for rainy and/
or cold weather:

  • Rainwear (jacket and pants)
  • Long underwear
  • Warm, insulated jacket or vest
  • Fleece pants
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Warm hat


  • Bandana or Buff
  • Gaiters (for rainy, snowy, or muddy conditions)


  • Water bottles and/or reservoir *
  • Trail snacks


  • First-aid kit or supplies *
  • Lighter/matches & Firestarter *
  • Emergency shelter *
  • Whistle
  • Headlamp or flashlight * (with extra batteries)
  • Camera


  • Hand sanitizer
  • Menstrual products (if needed)
  • Prescription medications (if needed)
  • First-aid kit or supplies
  • Sun protection:
  • Sunscreen *
  • Sunglasses * (+ retainer leash)
  • Sun hat *
  • SPF-rated lip balm *


  • Insect repellent *
  • Toilet paper
  • Urinary products
  • Sanitation trowel (if no toilets)
  • Baby wipes
  • Alcohol or antiseptic wipes
  • Blister treatments.

By Joining this trip, YOU:

  • Acknowledge all the TERMS & CONDITIONS:
  • YOU have read all the above paragraphs and YOU know, understand, and appreciate these and other risks that are inherent in The Activity. YOU hereby assert that your participation is voluntary and that YOU knowingly assume all such risks.
  • YOU acknowledge the agreement freely and voluntarily, and intend by completing this form and unconditional release of all liability to SGTREK PTE. LTD.


For any queries related to the event do contact below person:
Phone: +65 92700908 (WhatsApp)
Email :

This trip is organized by: 
Reg. No. 201816267K
STB License No. 03160

Address: 28A, Kandahar Street
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WhatsApp: +6592700908

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