MY20190727-Jungle Survival Camp Level 1

Our June event is sold out and some of you still keen on joining the course we are opening second batch. We have only limited slots of 20Pax. Do signup soon.

The event that many of you have requested for, the Jungle Survival Camp (JSC) Level 1, is back. We listened to you and we will now make available the option that many of you have requested for. We are opening slots for JSC Level 1 to parent-child pairs (or uncle/auntie-nephews/nieces etc.). The caveat is that you are having to be fully responsible for the safety of yourself and your child/nephew/niece/ward etc. during the event. There’ll be no babysitting, toilet paper, catered meals, toilets, showers, ice-cream or Wi-Fi.

The JSC Level 1 is suitable for those with little tropical jungle hiking/camping/survival experience or those who wish to deepen their understanding and knowledge of survival in the tropical jungles.

The course includes*:
– understanding the survival mindset
– what to do when you’re lost or injured
– basic jungle craft/bush craft (shelter, fire, food)
– navigating jungle topography
– local plant and wildlife identification
– packing essentials to increase survivalability

*depending on the group’s knowledge and ability, there may be some changes during the course.

The depth and breathe of the knowledge shared will depend on the group and individual ability. Many of the course takeaways will be applicable to your hikes, whether they are day-trips or week-long expeditions and whether they are in tropical or temperate zones. Many of the participants of last year’s event came home with lots of renewed knowledge and love for nature. The experience and camaraderie shared during the course isn’t something that you forget easily. You may also learn a few new words in Bahasa Melayu. And you will have fun if you like the outdoors.

Event Details as follows:

Date: 27-28July2019

Venue: Somewhere in the Malaysian rainforest, about 2 hours from Johor Bahru

Instructor: Former SF-survival instructor

Age requirements: This course is open to adults and mature kids who are 12 and above, who are accompanied by their parent/uncle/aunt/guardian. We will consider kids who are slightly below the age of 12 provided they are mature. Kids will be required to hands-on and will handle knives and machetes. There are always risks involved in such activities. The parent/uncle/aunt/guardian will be fully responsible for the child/ward.


Cost Per Participant: $200/Pax/Adult
Discounted Cost for pairs (so for a parent-child pairs we will be discounting the cost will be $360 for group of 2Pax)

Signup more than 2Pax and you can get the discount also.

There will be only limited spots for this event, and you must confirm and pay before [31May2019] to secure your place.


Further information will be provided to confirmed participants once the event is full.


For any queries related to the event do contact below person:
Phone: +65 92700908 (WhatsApp)
Email :

This trip is organized by: 
Reg. No. 201816267K
STB License No. 03160

Address: 28A, Kandahar Street
Singapore 198889
WhatsApp: +6592700908

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