SGTREK-Basic Mountaineering Course 2024

 Basic Mountaineering Course offers basic orientation and skills in rock craft, ice craft, rope work, mountaineering awareness, expedition planning, outdoor survival, camp craft, wilderness navigation, exposure to glaciers and high Himalayan Ranges and a real climb to a high point or a peak. Emergency procedures are an essential part of BMC. The course is physically and mentally challenging and requires a basic level of fitness.

Mountaineering inspires everyone to attain that elusive peak within themselves, but it also requires exhaustive planning, big budgeting, specializes equipment, technical guidance, and expertise on mountain slopes. The overseas training expedition in Western Himalayas in India is planned to provide you with all the practical skills required to provide you head start to become a competent mountaineer in an alpine environment.

The training will be conducted by qualified Indian mountaineering instructors in India. To ensure everyone gets personal attention and assistance to learn the skills and right knowledge we have an instructor ratio of 4:1.  With their guidance and knowledge on this course the participants will undergo physical conditioning, extensive Ice Craft training, map reading, mountain weather, mountain health etc. during the course. 


India has a well-developed mountaineering training system in the government-sponsored mountaineering training institutes.  The Himalayas also runs through Northern India and there is easy access to training sites.  The infrastructure for mountaineering training is well developed.  One very important reason is that you will get actual experience of climbing in the Himalayas and at sufficient altitude with good snow conditions for best Himalayan experience in the month of May and June.

The training in India will provide you very good exposure and understanding of the mountain environment of the Himalayas and expedition climbing.  You will be well prepared to achieve more in your mountaineering skills.  English is widely spoken language in India, so there will not be any communication problems with your instructors. 


  • To teach the basic techniques of movement on rock, snow, and ice
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of mountaineering and its allied subjects, like Map reading, Navigation, Weather, Medicines, Mountain Hygiene etc.
  • To inculcate the right attitude amongst the trainees enabling them to view mountaineering as an art and not just a physical or adventure activity.​
  • To motivate people from all walks of life to higher endeavor.​
  • To make available to the trainees, suitable and relevant literature and reading material on mountaineering.​
  • To teach them how to make themselves comfortable and manage their health in the mountain environment.
  • To introduce them to conservation of Himalayan environment.
  • To toughen their bodies by increasing their resistance to cold, hunger and fatigue.



  • Knowledge of basic mountaineering gears and its uses
  • Mountaineering Terminology
  • Navigation through mountains
  • Mountain Hazardous
  • Do’s and Don’ts while on mountain
  • Technical skills / Snow Crafts skills
  • Mountaineering First Aid and Basic Rescue


BMC is both mentally and physically an enduring course. A trainee must be very well prepared to overcome the various challenges and difficulties posed by the course. At the end of the training program the participants will have knowledge of Basic techniques of rock craft and ice craft. This training empowers an individual to participate in any expedition up to heights of 6000 Meters or there about. The entire range of skills required to climb mountains is imparted to the trainees.

  • Ascent above 5000m Peak: During the training program the group will be making an ascent to a peak above 5000m with the knowledge they acquired during the training program. Technical skills / Snow Crafts skills and use of mountaineering gears will be applied during the ascent. *( We will be climbing Friendship Peak – 5289m during the course)


BMC will be conducted at an altitude of 2400m and above approximately and during the training program trainees will be ascending heights of up 5000m and above. Climatic conditions may vary during the training program and camps may remain snowbound with clod conditions. One should be well prepared with proper clothing wears, fitness level and right attitude to learn through the training program.

PHYSICAL FITNESS: Participants should be physically fit and mentally well prepared to endeavor the training program over a long duration period.  During the program participants are expected to carry their own gears and do load ferry training from camps to camps and during the expedition to the peak. Some days you will be required to walk with the full load over the long duration of walks, estimated backpack load would be around 15kg. Participants will be hiking through steep terrain with mixed of Snow and Rock during the peak ascent with snowshoes and crampons. One should be mentally prepared for cold weather conditions during the training program.

MEDICAL FITNESS: As the training programs are conducted at high altitudes, participants should be medically fit. Participants suffering from any of the following diseases should avoid applying for the courses.

  • Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
  • History of pleurisy or asthma.
  • Frequent attacks of pharyngitis or sinusitis.
  • BP should not be more than 140 mm Hg Systolic and 90 mm Hg Diastolic.
  • Participants should not be suffering from osteoarthritis, Sacro sciatic syndrome, in growing toenails, multiple corn, internal derangements of knee, inguinal hernia, varicose veins and recurrent dislocation of shoulder joints.
  • Participants should not be an old case of High-Altitude Illness/ Cold injury.

 * We advise you to seek consultation from the doctor before joining the course.

ALTITUDE EXPOSURE: As most of the training program is conducted on the high altitudes of Himalayans mountains, participants should have a previous experience of high-altitude exposure level above 2800m.

ROCK CLIMBING SKILLS: We advise participants who wish to join BMC to have certification in Sport Climbing Level 1 – Singapore National Climbing Standards [SNCS] standard.

ATTITUDE ON MOUNTAINS: It is your attitude, not your aptitude that determines your altitude. Positive mindset moves mountains. Even the biggest and tallest mountains you might think you’ll ever overcome. So having the right attitude to learn through the course is very important. A positive attitude keeps your energy levels high, your soul alive and allows you to burn brightly instead of burning out. Your attitude determines your levels of success and failure. The ability to face challenges successfully and moving on in life comes down to having a positive attitude.


  • If you are interested and keen to join this event, just click buy ticket on the website.
  • Make a non refundable deposit of $1000/Pax to book your slot for the event balance to be paid 4months before to the event date.
  • We will send you the detailed training program and other details about the Course.
  • We will also conduct a regular training programs and train you before to the event at FREE OF COST.


  • All participants need to be vaccinated to join this event.
  • Pre and Post covid19 test need to be paid by clients
  • Get Covid19 Travel Insurance coverage to protect yourself / Travel Insurance also needed which covers mountaineering above 5000m.


  • Book now and save $100/Pax discount (*Offer valid only till 31Dec2023).
  • Book in Groups of 4Pax get a special discount of $200/Pax (*Offer valid only till 31Dec2023).
  • Make a non refundable deposit of $1000/Pax to book your slot for the event balance to be paid 4months before to the event date.


EVENT DATES: 13 June-30 June 2024


SGD3200/Pax (Minimum group of 4pax and above)

*SGTREK MEMBERS get $50 discount on course price.

Staff Contact No.: +65 92700908 (WhatsApp)


Day 1: Arrive Manali (Overnight Manali)

Day 2: Acclimatization trek & Exposure to Mountaineering Gears in Manali (Overnight Manali)

Day 3-10: Transfer to BMC – Basecamp (Overnight BC)

Day 11: Peak Climbing Expedition – Load ferry to high camp – sleep BC (Overnight BC)

Day 12: Peak Climbing Expedition – Trek to high camp – Sleep high camp (Overnight High Camp)

Day 13: Peak Climbing Expedition – Summit Day (Overnight High Camp)

Day 14: Peak Climbing Expedition – Reserve Day (Rest Day)

Day 15: Peak Climbing Expedition – BMC – Basecamp (Overnight BC)

Day 16: Transfer to Manali (Overnight Manali)

Day 17: Free and Easy (Overnight Manali)

Day 18: Depart Manali

(*Reserve additional 3days SG-Manali-SG based on flights)

* Course schedule is subjective to weather conditions on the mountains and will be rearranged accordingly during the program.


Day 0: We will advise the group on the international flights and other domestic transfer arrangements during the booking (Singapore – Delhi – Manali).

Day 19: You can choose to stay in Delhi upon return from Manali and explore around or choose to fly back home. 

*More detailed program will be sent to the participants who sign up for the event. We will also be conducting a sharing session for the team before to the trip and get your prepared with all the gear list, clothing, Course Briefing / Training Guidelines. Etc. There will also be a pre training hike program for the participants to get your ready for the course. 



  • SGTREK Leader
  • Certification of BMC completion
  • Certificate of Peak Climbing during the Course
  • IMF Qualified Mountaineering Instructions / Mountain Guides
  • Pickup Drop off from Manali and all transports in Manali to BC as per itinerary
  • All Hotel/ Cottage stay in Manali (sharing basis) as per itinerary
  • Course Instructor / Training / For leading the climb, fixing rope, and opening the route for the climbers. The services of experienced High-Altitude porters (HAP’s) for assisting with load ferry and camp. 02 Guide,01 cook, 01 cook helper, 02 HAP
  • Camp coordinator / Manager during the expedition.
  • Mules to transport luggage and camp equipment up to base camp and back to the road.
  • Camping on twin sharing basis in 2-man tents, kitchen tent, dining tent, toilet tent, camping chairs etc.
  • Wildlife / environmental Permits and other Peak climbing permits
  • All Technical Gears, Jumar, Helmet, Rope, Ice Axe etc. needed for Mountaineering will be provided.
  • First Aid for group/Medical support. 


  • International Flight / Domestic Flights
  • Transfer from Delhi – Manali – Delhi
  • Visa to India
  • Any accommodations in Delhi
  • Travel Insurance / Covid19 Insurance
  • Any accidental, emergency, travel, or medical insurance for the climbing party. It is strongly recommended that the participants get themselves comprehensively insured before the expedition/course.
  • Any evacuation charges (medical emergency or otherwise), or hospitalization or physicians’ consultation charges needed during the course.
  • Meals/beverages or drinks of any sort, including soft drinks, alcoholic / non-alcoholic drinks or bottled other than specified in the itinerary
  • Tipping of the drivers, camp staff or guides etc.
  • Any photography charges or camera charges or batteries.
  • Any shopping charges or transfers for personal visits to the market etc.
  • Any other services not specifically mentioned in the service inclusions.
  • Any charges for a manual or helicopter evacuation, in case of a medical emergency or the like.
  • Any personal climbing gear or equipment, unless specified otherwise
  • Any other expenses like accommodation, meals, additional transfers other than the trip shall be paid by the clients.
  • If participants falls ill or unable to continue due to any injury or personal reason and cannot continue with the program shall need to bear all the additional expenses incurred during the process.

FLIGHT ITINERARY:  Approx. overall flight cost SGD600+ 2 ways 

Do check with us for flight booking and other domestic arrangements

Singapore – Delhi – Singapore

Delhi – Manali – Delhi (road transfer) cost will be advised while booking

By Joining this trip, YOU:

  • Acknowledge all the TERMS & CONDITIONS:
  • YOU have read all the above paragraphs and YOU know, understand, and appreciate these and other risks that are inherent in The Activity. YOU hereby assert that your participation is voluntary and that YOU knowingly assume all such risks.
  • YOU acknowledge the agreement freely and voluntarily, and intend by completing this form and unconditional release of all liability to SGTREK PTE. LTD.


For any queries related to the event do contact below person:
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