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Adventures in Altai Tavan Bogd Mountains tour
July 1, 2020
Altai Tavan Bogd National Park
The combination of High Altai Mountain trekking and Horse Riding Adventure. We dedicate this two weeks for trekking trip to the devoted trekkers and mountaineers. The trip takes you to the most western point of Mongolia, the majestic Mongol Altai mountains – country’s largest and highest mountain range with glacier topped peaks over 3000 meters, crystal...
Bukit Senaling(15022020)
February 14, 2020
One of the most scenic mountains at just an altitude of 394m. Easy hike with mostly open trek along the way up. It’s good trail for beginners who are looking for some great outdoor views. Bukit Senaling is located Senaling, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. For a beginner the hike usually takes upto 2-2.5hours on a...
SGTREK-Lata Tengkorak Waterfall Abseiling(08March2020)
March 8, 2020
Lata Tengkorak Waterfall
It’s the time of the year when our waterfall adventure begins. Let the game begin with our water abseiling adventure to one of the Johor’s highest waterfall 90 Meters – Lata Tengkorak (Kluang). Most of you might be already familiar with the famous mountain in this national park Gunung Belumut and Gunung Chemendong. Lata Tengkorak...
Jungle Survival Camp Level 1
March 21, 2020
Gunung Belumut
The event that many of you have requested for, the Jungle Survival Camp (JSC) Level 1, is back. We listened to you and we will now make available the option that many of you have requested for. We are opening slots for JSC Level 1 for this year there will be only 3 courses. During...
Fjallraven Discovery : 2D1N Jerangkang (11April2020)
April 10, 2020
Jerangkang Waterfall is a series of cascades along a massive gully hidden in a (previously logged) rainforest region of Pahang. The river drops multiple times over a long stretch of rocky chasms, creating intermittent sections of large pools fed by a continuous torrent of cold water from mountain slopes. A spectacular cousin of Berkelah Falls,...
MY20200229-Gunung Belumut
February 29, 2020
Gunung Belumut
If you are planning to ascend your first 1000M+ mountain this should be the one to start with. It is also the second tallest mountain (after Mount Ophir at 1276 m) in the state of Johor. Mount Belumut, standing at 1,010 metres, is a mountain located in Kluang District, Johor, Malaysia. For the average climber,...
MY20200223-Gunung Panti
February 23, 2020
Gunung Panti
Gunung Panti is situated just a few kilometers North of Kota Tinggi in Johor. An easy 2-3 hour trek will take you to the summit. The last 10 minutes is an easy scramble up a rock face to the summit. The descend takes about another 2 hours. This hill is recommended for just about anyone...
MY20200222-Gunung Datuk Sunrise
February 21, 2020
Gunung Datuk
Mount Datuk is one of a favorite place for nature lovers and adventure seekers to capture a sunrise over such a short hike. It holds many treasures of the natural tropical rainforest. As you can see in the picture, there’s a formation of big rocks at the summit. The trail is not so tough that...
Preview Talk : Climbing Mount Kinabalu 2020
December 14, 2019
Ever wondered of climbing the highest peak of Malaysia Mount Kinabalu, standing at 4,095 meters. But unsure if you are ready for the challenge? Join us on the Preview Talk : Climbing Mount Kinabalu 2020. We will provide you with all the information need to the hike and what kind of training would you need to...
G7-2D1N Mount Yong Belar (13March2020)
March 13, 2020
Mount Yong Belar is a mountain on the border of the states Kelantan and Perak in the Titiwangsa Mountains of Malaysia. Its summit is 2,180 m above sea level. It is approximately 8 km away from Mount Korbu, the tallest mountain of the Titiwangsa Mountains.  MOUNT YONG BELAR (2181m.a.s.l)  INFORMATION SUMMARY G7 Ranking: 3rd Highest...
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