Malaysia G7 Peaks Challenge

You have probably heard of the “7 Summits of the World Challenge”, but have you heard of the “Malaysia G7 Peaks Challenge”? The Malaysia G7 Peaks Challenge consists of the 7 highest peaks in Peninsular Malaysia, all of which stands at altitudes above 7000 feet!

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Gunung Tahan – 2187m (7175 feet)

Mount Tahan, at 2,187 m, is the highest point in Peninsular Malaysia. It is located within the Taman Negara national forest, in the state of Pahang. The mountain is part of the Tahan Range in the Tenasserim Hills and is popular with local climbers.

Gunung Korbu – 2183m (7162 feet)

Mount Korbu is a mountain in Hulu Kinta, Perak, Malaysia, about 25 km from Ipoh. It is the highest peak of the Titiwangsa Mountains, the southernmost section of the Tenasserim Hills. Mount Korbu is also the second highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia, standing at 2,183 meters.

Gunung Yong Belar – 2181m (7156 feet)

Mount Yong Belar is a mountain on the border of the states Kelantan and Perak in the Titiwangsa Mountains of Malaysia. Its summit is 2,180 m above sea level. It is approximately 8 km away from Mount Korbu, the tallest mountain of the Titiwangsa Mountains.

Gunung Gayong – 2173m (7129 feet)

Mount Gayong is the fourth highest mountain in the Malay Peninsula, at 2,173 meters. It can be reached in about an hour’s trek from the peak of Mount Korbu, the second highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia. It is a favorite site for mountain climbing.

Gunung Chamah – 2171m (7123 feet)

Gunung Chamah lies in the north-western corner of Kelantan and is the fifth highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia. It is one of the Peninsula’s G7. Gunung in Malay literally means mountains with an elevation of 1,000 m and above.

Gunung Yong Yap – 2168m (7113 feet)

Mount Yong Yap is a mountain located along the Perak and Kelantan state border in Peninsular Malaysia. At 2,168 m, it is the 6th highest point in Peninsular Malaysia. This mountain is part of the Titiwangsa Range which is an extension of the Tennaserim Range from Thailand.

Gunung Ulu Sepat – 2161m (7090 feet)

Gunung Ulu Sepat, this mountain is in the remote around of Hutan Belum. This trek takes around 3Ddays 2Nights to complete for mot hikers. You can find Orang Asli village along trek where you can shelter before ascending to the summit push.

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