Round Island Route – Eastern Loop

Most of you might have heard the news of the new extension route of the Round Island Route along the eastern part of Singapore which stretches around 75km starting from Labrador MRT to Rowers Bay.

Took the opportunity to explore the route by walk some of you might have done by cycling. Below is the detailed information you can find for the route map, rest stops and other details. Do prepare well before to the walk and explore the beautiful sights along the route. The route can be easily walked with breakdown of the map based on your fitness level. You can do it during the day or night walk. Do take note there are various section which could confuse and need to reroute some places due to the ongoing reworks and festive season diversions, always stay updated with the latest information on the route before you head out for walk.

Planned Route:

  • Labrador Mrt
  • Alexandra Canal
  • Singapore River Walk
  • Helix Bridge
  • Marina Barrage
  • Garden By The Bay
  • East Coast Park
  • Changi Coastal Walk
  • Tanah Merah Coast Rd
  • Changi Bay
  • Changi Beach Park
  • Changi Village
  • Pasir Ris Park
  • Lorong Halus
  • Punggol PCN
  • Sengkang Riverside Park
  • Jalan Kayu
  • Hampstead Wetlands (Heritage Trees)
  • Rower’s Bay

Part 1 Hike: overnight walk from Labrador Mrt to Changi Village (*estimate 50Km with some reroute)

Part 2 Hike: Morning hike from Changi Village to Rower’s Bay (*30km estimated)

Things To Pack For The Walk:

  • Backpack
  • Water (*most location water is easily available except TMCR do prepare well)
  • Comfortable walking shoes/Socks/sandals
  • Comfortable hiking wear
  • First aid kit
  • Headlamp (*if walking night-time) / Spare batteries
  • Phone/ Power bank
  • Hat / Sunglass / Umbrella
  • Snacks / energy bars etc.

Walked Route:

Part 1 Hike: overnight walk from Labrador MRT to Changi Village (*estimate 50Km with some reroute) – 08:30pm to 07:00am next day morning

Two of my other friends Raymond, Kumar and I planned to walk from Labrador MRT, we did the night walk to avoid the soaring sun. After having our dinner at Seah Im we set off our journey around 08:30pm from Labrador Mrt. After 35km Kumar had to stop and head home. Me managed to reach the 50km mark at Changi Village and Raymond continued his journey to Rower’s Bay and accomplished 75km in one go. Great achievements for him to finish it one day.

Details Below:

We started off 08:30pm from Labrador MRT and headed towards Queensway Road. Take the Alexandra Queensway Park Connector which is just behind the SPC Queensway / Esso Queensway. We ended up taking the Mei Chin Road as the NPARKS previous map was not clear. Also, there are few ongoing constructions works which could confuse along commonwealth Ave. The route will be connecting to Alexandra Park Connector which continues till Singapore River. From here you can just follow along the river which will lead all the way to Queen Elizabeth Walk / Helix Bridge.  Using the Marina Barrage route which connects to East Coast Park we ended up for a coffee at the Coffee Bean place around 01:00pm. We took a break around 45mins and then continued our march to Tanah Merah Coast Rd. Do remember to use the last Public Toilet before you enter the TMCR and refill sufficient water. There are no toilet facilities or water facilities along the route if you are doing. TMCR is considered one of the most boring roads of Singapore for walk a never ending of long stretch. I always tell myself not to be back on this road again, and this was my 27th time walking this route. The goal to accomplish this route is to just switch off your brain and keep walking till you end the route. We reached the Changi Bay Point around 05:30am. The path was pitch dark no light along the route, hopefully NParks lights up the route soon. There is a toilet facility at the route. It is quite nice breezy walk along the stretch I would need to come back during the daytime to explore more of this route. Around 7am we managed to reach the Changi Village Hawker Centre. End of part 1 off the walk.

Part 2 Hike: Morning hike from Changi Village to Rower’s Bay (*30km estimated) – 08:00 am to 01:30pm

After the breakfast at Changi Village started off my journey around 08:00am, since I was walking alone, I kept the pace of the walk without stopping at many locations. Since I used to walk this route regularly, the only thing which was new on this route want the path at the end of the Pasir Ris Park which connects to Lorong Halus, this was something new to experience. The views along the path were blocked, hope it opens after all the renovations works done. At Lorong Halus you can do a short toilet break if needed and enjoy the view of the park there. Managed to reach here in 2hours. With a short break continued my journey towards Sengkang Riverside Park. From there my next stop was Jalan Kayu grabbed cold drinks it was starting an extremely hot journey from here. I had reached 25km route until Jalan Kayu. Finally making my way through the Hampstead Park, managed to reach Rower’s Bay at 1.30pm. Here accomplished my end of the Round Island Route – Costal Adventure.

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Tanah Merah Coast Road Closures

During the Singapore Airshow period, roads and public transportation within the vicinity of Changi Exhibition Centre will be affected from Friday, 4 February 2022 to Tuesday, 22 February 2022.

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