MY20200119-Bukit Senaling
One of the most scenic mountains at just an altitude of 394m. Easy hike with mostly open trek along the way up. It’s good trail for beginners who are looking for some great outdoor views. Bukit Senaling is located Senaling, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. For a beginner the hike usually takes upto 2-2.5hours on a...
MY20200118-Bukit Baginda(Wave Rock)
Batu Baginda is in Kampung Majau nearby Batu Kikir town with the height of 450 meter. Recently this place has become one the most photographed place due to its famous WAVE ROCK. Batu Kikir, a naturally-occurring rock formation in Negeri Sembilan with its scenic trail make the hike more enjoyable for beginners. Height: 1476 feet...
Bukit Baginda
MY20200112-Beginner Hike to Gunung Lambak
Gunung Lambak is a small mountain in the centre of Johor State, Malaysia, about 5 km from the town of Kluang. The summit is 510 m above sea level. Good for beginner to experince an adventure out of Singapore over the weekend. Suitable for first time hikers who are looking to take out outdoor activities....
Gunung Lambak
This is a training hike. Come join us and be fit to climb more bigger mountains. Do come with a backpack load. This hike ideally is good for those people who looking to do some endurance hikes and training for some long hiking trails in Malaysia, Nepal, India etc. Specially those who have signed up our...
MY20200111-Gunung Angsi
Gunung Angsi is a mountain that overlooks Seremban in Negeri Sembilan, about 10km away from the city and situated along the highway to Kuala Pilah. There’s two routes to climb to the peak. Date: 11-Jan-2020 Duration : 1 Day Trip Meetup Place : Marsiling MRT BUS STOP(near to Maxicash) Meetup Time : 12.15am EVENT COSTING: SGTrek Paid Members : SGD80...
Gunung Angsi
January 6, 2020
The Chadar is a lifeline to Zanskari people from the rest of the world, the Chadar is the pride and prestige of the Zanskari which connects them from different cultural and traditional background people to exchange the life saving techniques during harsh winter climate which goes up to -40 C. Chadar is mostly walking on...
Chadar Trek
MY20200105-Gunung Belumut
THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED DUE TO MONSOON, WE WILL RESUME THIS HIKE FROM FEB2020 ONWARDS. If you are planning to ascend your first 1000M+ mountain this should be the one to start with. It is also the second tallest mountain (after Mount Ophir at 1276 m) in the state of Johor. Mount Belumut, standing at...
Gunung Belumut
10km with 10kg load fun walk
This is a training walk we will be walking at 10KM. For those who are interested do signup. Suitable for people who are planning to hike trips in Nepal, India, Indonesia etc. Do join us and train with us. Event Coordinator : Chin Bok Start your Y2020 with a bang.  7.45 – Meet at GATE 15...
Anaya Mangrove Treehouse Retreat
The Anaya Mangrove Treehouse is a boutique eco-resort located on the banks of the beautiful mangrove lined sungei kechil river on the island of Bintan, Indonesia. In Anaya Treehouse resort, all treehouse was build using only local labor source from neighboring kampongs natural material. Are used as much as possible to reduce carbon footprint cafe...
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